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High productivity, short set-up and adjustment times, great reliability and easy maintainance, as well as practical accessories - for you to manage all of your printing- and flocking orders simply, quickly and without any problems.

Being HEBBECKER one of the market leaders, you can always rely on the high quality and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Wide Range: For every requirement, for every enterprise, we offer the right solution with our highly flexible printing- and flocking machines.

Reliability down to the details: Each component of our machines is the result of a thorough development process. This results in trailblazing machines and printing/flocking techniques.

A great Plus in performance: We will be with you after the purchase in the applications engineering, service and training.

Why it has to be HEBBECKER

Why it has to be HEBBECKER

Because we are independent. A medium-sized Company with Manufacturing "MADE IN GERMANY".

Why it has to be HEBBECKER

Because we built machines with Character: High quality, economical, save investment.

Why it has to be HEBBECKER

Sophisticated and reliable Machines with a well-balanced programm.
Available printsizes 300x210mm – 400x450mm – 500x500mm – 500x700mm – 700x1.000mm – 900x1.200mm; carousels from 4 – 24 stations, Oval up to 38 stations.

Why it has to be HEBBECKER

With the HEBBECKER-SMART-CONTROL, HEBBECKER-machines offer a easy and clear input screens with a logically menu, rectifying problems in an uncomplicated way by displaying faults and giving solutions.

Why it has to be HEBBECKER

HEBBECKER-machines have an wide range of accessories: Flash-cures, Dryers, exposing units, screen-stretching units, Pallets, Squeegees.

Why it has to be HEBBECKER

In our manufacturing we have strict quality controls during the whole of the finishing process. Our position in the market is known worldwide. We distinguish ourselves by extensive market activities, advertising with a distinctive brand and taking part in all important machine- and fashion trade shows.




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